Thursday, May 21, 2009

Akshay Kumar is hurt by ruckus over unbuttoning episode says a friend

Akshay Kumar is hurt by ruckus over unbuttoning episode says a friend

Mumbai, May 21 (IANS) Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is miffed with Anil Naik, who filed a case against him and his wife Twinkle for obscene behaviour in public during the recent Lakme India Fashion Week (LIFW). The actor feels Naik tries to seek publicity by harassing celebrities like him, Milind Soman and Mamta Kulkarni, says a close friend.

"Akshay is very hurt by the whole episode specially since the man behind the campaign had earlier harassed a very dear co-star Mamta Kulkarni. This man Anil Naik had earlier filed similar obscenity complaints against Milind Soman and Madhu Spare. He apparently thrives on getting publicity from seeking out celebrities from the entertainment world and harassing them," a close friend of the actor told IANS.

During the
LIFW early April, Akshay had unbuttoned his jeans, while walking the ramp, at the instance of his wife. Akshay's unbuttoning act had kicked up a storm with some private individuals lodging police complaints, accusing Akshay of immoral and indecent behaviour in public.

On Monday morning when Akshay returned from Singapore after shooting for Priyadarshan's "Dan Dana Dan", he was quickly taken to the police station, arrested and released on bail.

"When he reached Mumbai press persons called to ask if he had been captured, as though he was a dangerous fugitive. But what had he done? Opened one button of his jeans, and that too by his wife," said the friend.

After being released Akshay drove off to Karjat to join
Aishwarya Rai for the shooting of Vipu Shah's "Instant Replay". 

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