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Desi Boyz: Allah Maaf Kare

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham set Mumbai Press Conference for Desi Boyz ablaze!

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham set Mumbai Press Conference for Desi Boyz ablaze!

The discotheque Enigma at JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai was literally set ablaze when our ever-energetic Desi Boyz, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, sprinted inside for the extraordinary promotional event for their upcoming film. The superstars landed extravagantly, flung their coats to the audience and began dancing to the film’s popular number ‘English Thumkein’ with such infectious vitality that the assembled media and guests cheered and danced along themselves.

The star-studded night was highlighted by the live, fire-breathing stunt executed by our Khiladi Kumar aka Akshay Kumar and fellow macho man John Abraham, leaving the audiences awe-struck. The temperatures started soaring even higher when the sensuous Chitrangada Singh and the radiant Deepika Padukone made their entry. Debutant director Rohit Dhawan was also present at the event.
The actors, in their upbeat mood, proceeded to the bar where Akshay and John stunned everyone further by juggling glasses like seasoned bartenders, although they mixed no fancy cocktails but good old desi badaam-pista flavoured milkshakes!
Akshay Kumar, when asked what makes him a ‘true desi’ said, “A lot of things. I eat only and only desi food, I am married to a desi girl, I try talking in Hindi as much as I can, I follow Yoga which is a desi practice and I even have Ayurvedic medicines.”
And who’s the most desi actress he’s worked with? “I think Sonakshi Sinha has a lot of Indianness in her appearance,” the superstar said.
Akshay, who flaunts his rugged Punjabi munda background, also keeps some desi compliments up his sleeve for his wife, like, “Oye, aaj tu ek dum jalebi laag rahi hai (You look like a jalebi today),” he chuckled, adding that one should be proud of the traits that come from where one has been raised.
“Whether in London, USA or Australia, what is important is staying true to your roots. That, I believe, is also the essence of Desi Boyz.”
Get ready to welcome Desi Boyz in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 24th November 2011.
Stay tuned because we have a fabulous and fun interview with Akshay Kumar coming up soon!

Chitrangada awed by Akshay Kumar

Chitrangada awed by Akshay Kumar

Chitrangada Singh and Akshay Kumar make for a fabulous pair in Rohit Dhawan's forthcoming comedy 'Desi Boyz'. The film also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. 

It will probably be the first time that you will se Chitrangada shake a leg with a renowned mainstream co-star like Akshay Kumar. 

Chitrangada shared with us how she was pretty nervous the first time she met the Khiladi kumar. 

"Akshay Kumar is a huge commercial actor who has done plenty big films in the past. I was awed by him when I first saw him! I was a bit nervous and my onscreen character had to portray otherwise. It took some time to register that I was indeed working with him. It was fun shooting with him", gushed Chitrangada. 

The actress also rubbished the claims that she had problems working with Deepika. 

John dinner party for Akshay Kumar crew

John dinner party for Akshay, crew

hey were constantly pulling each others’ legs in Garam Masala (2005), but it’s only now that the film’s actors, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, have developed a similar close bond off screen.

Akshay confirms that his friendship with John has grown, and the latter even hosted a party at his Bandra  home recently, for Akshay and the unit of Housefull 2. “Two weeks ago, John threw a bash and invited me along with the entire unit to his place,” says Akshay.
John, on his part, wonders if it can be called a party. 

“I hosted a small dinner for the Housefull 2 team. It was nice to have all of them together,” says the Force actor with a smile. On their on-screen chemistry in the upcoming Desi Boyz, Akshay comments, “We have teamed up again after seven years, but it was great fun (to work with him). In terms of comic timing, he has really improved a lot. My chemistry with him wasn’t as good as it is now.”

Meanwhile, to promote Desi Boyz, Akshay has decided to speak only in Hindi, as much as possible. About John, he says, “Is film ke dauran maine us ladke (John) ko kaafi kareeb se jaana hai (during Desi Boyz, I have got to know John from close quarters).”

Interestingly, Akshay – who has collaborated with the film’s director, Rohit Dhawan’s father (David Dhawan) too in the past – finds David an easier director to work with: “Rohit ko main tab se jaanta hoon jab woh mere pat pe khela karta tha (I have known Rohit since he used to play on my lap). 

But honestly, David is easier to work with. He asks actors to perform a scene as per their understanding. Rohit, being  trained director,  goes completely by the book.”

Desi Monty!

Desi Boyz starring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham promised much but delivered little at a recent promotional event for the film. The handsome duo, who play male strippers in Rohit Dhawan's film, were supposed to 'strip' for a live female audience but copped out prematurely.

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Akshay Kumar takes pride in being a desi

Akshay Kumar takes pride in being a desi

Actor Akshay Kumar takes pride in being a desi and feels his fans love him because he reminds them of their roots. "I'm proud to be desi. I'm a desi boy from Delhi and I'm very proud of who I am and I am proud of my roots. My fans love me for being desi, being humble, being hard working.

"They love me for speaking to them in their language; they connect with me because I remind them of their roots. So as a rule, I've decided to be myself," he said.

The actor also has no qualms in admitting that Hindi as a language is something he is more comfortable conversing in.

"After all, we're Hindi film stars. We earn our bread and butter from Bollywood. I'm uncomfortable talking in English. I've always been ...I've realised my fans love the dialogues I say on screen. And those are in Hindi.

"Why speak in a language your are not comfortable in? After all success is about being comfortable in your own skin and I'm finally doing that," said Akshay, who will be seen next in Desi Boyz alongside John Abraham.

Also starring Chitrangda Singh and Deepika Padukone, Desi Boyz, directed by debutante Rohit Dhawan, releases on November 25.

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