Saturday, December 18, 2010

Production Blog: Tees Maar Khan

Production Blog: Tees Maar Khan

Friday, December 17, 2010

If you've heard the audio tracks of Tees Maar Khan then you certainly have picked a favourite with 'Wallah Re Wallah', which is one of the most popular songs from the album which features Salman Khan.

In this exclusive production blog of Tees Maar Khan, we give you a sneak peek at the making of 'Wallah Re Wallah', with Farah in all her regalia as the choreographer and of course Salman and Akki shaking a leg with Katrina, setting the dance floor ablaze. This one is a truly entertaining watch. Don't miss! 

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Production Blog: Tees Maar Khan

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tees Maar Khan Movie Cast & Crew Photos

Tees Maar Khan Movie

    Tees Maar Khan Movie Cast & Crew Photos

    Akshay Kumar

Tees Maar Khan Movie Photos

Katrina Kaif 

Cast & Crew
Hari Om Productions
Three's Company
UTV Motion Pictures



Release Date
December 242010


Action  /  Comedy 

Shooting Studios

Shirish Kunder
Ronnie Screwvala
Twinkle Khanna

Executive Producer / Co-Producer
Yogesh Tevatia

Farah Khan

Star Cast
Akshay Kumar...... Tabrez Mirza Khan
Akshaye Khanna...... Atish Kapoor
Katrina Kaif...... Anya
Raghu Ram
Rajiv Laxman
Arya Babbar
Anil Kapoor...... Special Appearance
Salman Khan...... Special Appearance
Diva...... Introducing
Anya...... Introducing
Czar...... Introducing
Sanjay Dutt...... Narrator
Sachin Khedekar
Vijay Patkar
Murli Sharma
Ali Asgar
Vijay Maurya
Aman Verma
Mia Evonne Uyeda

Cassettes and CD's on

Sonu Nigam
Vishal Dadlani
Sunidhi Chauhan
Shekhar Ravjiani
Kamaal Khan
Raja Hasan
Shreya Ghoshal
Sukhwinder Singh
Harshit Saxena
Abhijeet Sawant
Prajakta Shukre
Debojit Saha

Shirish Kunder
Vishal Dadlani
Anvita Dutt Guptan

Music Director
Shirish Kunder
Vishal Dadlani
Shekhar Ravjiani

Background Music
Shirish Kunder

P S Vinod

Geeta Kapoor

Shirish Kunder

Ashmith Kunder
Shirish Kunder

Kunal Mehta
Parikshit Lalwani

Ashmith Kunder
Shirish Kunder

Aki Narula
Sanjeev Mulchandani

Publicity Designs
Himanshu Nanda
Rahul Nanda

Story / Writer
Ashmith Kunder
Shirish Kunder

Akshay Kumar gives Bollywood gyaan to Katrina on TMK promotional tours

Akshay Kumar gives Bollywood gyaan to Katrina on TMK promotional tours

By Subhash K. Jha, December 18, 2010 - 10:57 IST.

Nowadays thanks to the promotional tours and events for their new film together, Akshay Kumar is spending a lot of time with Katrina Kaif. And we can safely say it's time well spent for Katrina. Akshay is constantly enhancing Katrina's knowledge of Hindi films, their titles and other trivia.

By now it's common knowledge that Katrina is not quite clued into the nuances and titles of Hindi cinema. Her co-star Akshay Kumar, who prides himself for being just the opposite and is a veritable encyclopaedia of filmy titles and other trivia, has found an ingenious method of educating his co-star. He plays Dumb Charade with Katrina providing her signs and hints from commercial Hindi films as clues.

And boy, is Katrina getting clued in!

Lets hear it, Sheila ki zubaani (voice). "I've to admit I couldn't have hoped for a more fun teacher than Akshay. I come from a place where I can't gush about how I grew up on a staple diet of Sholay and Mughal-e-Azam. Akshay knows it all. He is completely clued into the cult of potboilers and can mimic every actor and act out every famous sequence. Being with him over the last few weeks, I am finally getting knowledgeable about Hindi movies." 

The games of Dumb Charade are being played between bouts of promotion on cars and flights in several cities across the country. Akshay and Katrina have hired a private plane for the 12-city 25-day tour. 

"So we get a lot of time to play Dumb Charade. By the time the promotions for Tees Maar Khan are over, I think I'll be an expert on Bollywood trivia," Katrina has her fingers crossed. 

The education works both ways. While Akshay acts out scenes from Hindi films during Dumb Charade, Katrina mimes magical moments from Hollywood films for Akshay. 

"So I guess we are both learning on the job," she chuckles.

Akshay Kumar cancelled Dubai trip due to back problem


Akshay cancelled Dubai trip due to back problem  

By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Dec 16 (IANS) Akshay Kumar was forced to cancel his Dubai trip to promote his forthcoming comedy "Tees Maar Khan" because of his chronic back problem.
While wife Twinkle rushed Akshay to the doctors Tuesday afternoon, Akshay's co-star Katrina Kaif left for the Dubai lap of the film's promotion all alone.

Apparently Akshay was insistent that he join Katrina for her trip to Dubai. But Twinkle put her husband under house-arrest, as this was not an isolated back pain.

Akshay first suffered a back problem while doing a stunt sequence in "Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi" in 1996. It confined him to bed rest for almost three months.

Again, Akshay's back trouble recurred last year while shooting for Sajid Khan's "Housefull". He was advised surgery but Akshay opted for water therapy. It took him to Germany and he came back apparently fully cured.

"It was the rigorous travel by plane and cars for the promotion of his new film that caused Akshay's back problem again," said a source.

While the whirlwind tour of Dubai had to be cancelled, Akshay insisted he would leave for the London lap of his promotional tour Tuesday night.

Twinkle confirmed that Akshay was better and that he left for London Tuesday night itself to promote "Tees Maar Khan" there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Akshay Kumar Speaks About 'Tees Maar Khan' Part 1

Akshay Kumar Speaks About 'Tees Maar Khan' Part 1 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif at a special promotion Tees Maar Khan in Ahmedabad

Actors Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif at a special promotion of their forthcoming movie "Tees Maar Khan" in Ahmedabad


Akshay Katrina Kaif at the promotion of the film Tees Maar Khan at Norturne in Kolkata

Actors Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif at the promotion of the film 'Tees Maar Khan' at Norturne in Kolkata

Actors Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif at the promotion of the film 'Tees Maar Khan' at Norturne in Kolkata.


Akshay Kumar Katrina Kaif secrets

Akshay Kumar Katrina Kaif secrets

Akshay-Kat secrets

Katrina Kaif reveals the secret behind her sizzling chemistry with Akshay Kumar and success at the box-office


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