Thursday, February 4, 2010

Akshay Kumar to learn bowling from Wasim Akram

Actor Akshay Kumar, who plays a cricketer from London in Nikhil Advani's next film Patiala House, is training to be a bowler. The actor is taking bowling lessons from Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram. "Akshay will be trained by one of the world's greatest fast bowlers, Wasim Akram," says Advani.

A website reported Advani as saying, "We were adamant that Akshay would play a world-class cricketer and that too, a bowler. We've never had a hero who's a bowler. They are always batting."

The website also states that Akshay will be shown playing at the World Cup. The Patiala House unit will shoot the match at the Lord's and Oval cricket grounds in London. The permission for these venues has already been obtained.

The training will start shortly. Wasim, currently mourning his wife's sudden death, has been roped in after much persuasion. A lot of other retired and active cricketers including Imran Khan are being roped in to make appearances in Patiala House.

News HT


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