Thursday, January 13, 2011

Akshay Kumar accuses guard of pinching son's buttocks

Akshay Kumar accuses guard of pinching son's buttocks

The actor has accused a security guard from a Juhu building of pinching his son Aarav's buttocks, while the guard has another story to tell. The security agency however claims that the guard was simply doing his duty by preventing the boy from entering a meter room in the builiding, reports Mumbai Mirror.

A resident of The Grand Eastern Shores told the tabloid that Aarav and Akshay were visiting a family friend, when Akshay got drawn into a conversation with a resident upstairs. With his father's attention moving away from him, the boy wandered down to the building's lobby andAkshaystraight into the room which had all the electricity meters. Bhandari, who spotted the eight-year-old walk into the meter room, sprang to his feet and pulled him out of there, before the child could touch any live wire and hurt himself.

Akshay and Twinkle, however, claim that their son did not go into the meter room, and the guard is just trying to save his face. According to reports, the actor even slapped the guard, not once, but twice.

Twinkle Khanna told Mumbai Mirror, "My son did not go into the meter room. That was simply Bhandari's version. My son was climbing the stairs with his friend when Bhandari came behind them and pinched his buttocks. My son quickly brought it to my notice. At this point of time his friend said that Bhandari had done this to him too. Another child from their group also had a similar experience. Our son has been brave enough to talk about this to us. He has been a hero


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shreyas Talpade to play Akshay Kumar brother in Joker

Shreyas to play Akshay's brother in 'Joker'  

New Delhi, Jan 10 (IANS) Versatile actor Shreyas Talpade has been roped in as the second lead in Shirish Kunder's "Joker" and will be seen as Akshay Kumar's brother in the 3-D movie.

"Shreyas Talpade has been cast as the second male lead in 'Joker'. He plays Akshay Kumar's brother in the film," Kunder posted on his Facebook and Twitter page Monday.

While Sonakshi Sinha has been zeroed in on as the female lead opposite Akshay in the film, the second female lead is yet to be decided. Kunder is taking public opinion for the same through his social networking accounts.

"Who should be the heroine opposite Shreyas Talpade in 'Joker'?" he posted soon after announcing Shreyas' presence in the film.

He has been taking public opinion for his upcoming project through social networking sites. He has been posting questions like "Who should be the lyricist for 'Joker'?" and "Who should be the music director for 'Joker'?"

The film editor-turned-director, husband of choreographer-director Farah Khan, had earlier shared a few details of his project through the social networking sites.

"Joker is not a superhero film. At one point it used to be. But what we are making now is a completely new script, with the same title. Joker has nothing to do with Batman's or Raj Kapoor's Joker. And Yup...Joker is a 3D film (sic)," Kunder had posted.

The film is being jointly produced by Kunder and Farah's Three's Company and Akshay Kumar's Hari Om Entertainment Company. They worked together on "Tees Maar Khan" recently.



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